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The Center for Integrative Medicine

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  • 05/01/17--06:13: How To Outsmart Big Pharma
  • A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the fact that many of us are encountering serious sticker shock at our local pharmacies. This is most apparent when a low-cost generic you’ve taken for years suddenly skyrockets in price, not uncommonly on the order of several hundred percent. I’ve written about the machinations behind this thievery several times, including this Health Tip on Big Pharma Read More

    The post How To Outsmart Big Pharma appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    I’d planned a series of six commonly missed diagnoses, but today I have one more, a life-threatening addition you’ll want to add to your mental list. If you’ve been following this series you know we’ve covered low levels of vitamin B-12 and vitamin D, subtly underactive thyroid, gluten sensitivity, intestinal parasites, and candida (yeast) overgrowth. These all share several characteristics: symptoms are generally mild (but Read More

    The post Six Commonly Missed Diagnoses +1: Rx Drug Side Effects appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    Much of medical care is hampered by the black-and-white thinking of doctors. You either have a condition (symptoms confirmed by positive tests) or you don’t (symptoms, but no useful test results, and therefore “nothing’s wrong with you”). Doctors are uncomfortable with grey zones, like when test results seem normal but on closer inspection are normal by just a hairsbreadth. To some extent the profession has Read More

    The post Six Commonly Missed Diagnoses: Vitamin D Deficiency appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    I went to medical school in London for awhile and quite honestly didn’t learn much. But it was the 1960s and if you were going to be anywhere on the planet, central London was the place to be. The fact that the hospital to which I was assigned had a pub in its basement (where everyone, even a few patients, would gravitate around 4 pm) Read More

    The post Six Commonly Missed Diagnoses: Subtly Underactive Thyroid appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    I’m not setting out to intentionally antagonize my fellow MDs and DOs who read these Health Tips. No acrimonious outrage, please, before I explain. Then feel free to splutter. I’m not writing this for the medical profession. This is for the rest of you, living in a country that spends 17% of its GNP on healthcare but ranks 37th in the world in providing that Read More

    The post My Doctor Is A Chiropractic Physician appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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  • 05/15/17--12:37: Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • July 25th, 6:30pm – 8:00pm     Fee: $65 Mari Stecker, LAc & Renee Zambo, RYT Are you experiencing vaginal dryness? Or pain with intercourse? Have you been told you have vaginal atrophy due to menopause?  Are you frustrated because you believe your sex life is over?  Well, it doesn’t have to be! Come learn easy, non-pharmaceutical, non-hormonal, low cost techniques that you can do at home Read More

    The post Vaginal Rejuvenation appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    If you believe you’re suffering some of the chronic symptoms caused by mold exposure, you’ve probably also heard the discouraging mantra, “We can’t find anything wrong with you—all your tests are normal.” You’ve told your doc that you’ve read about toxic mold. You point out that you’ve had some water damage, that some rooms smell different than others, and that, overall, you feel better when Read More

    The post Commonly Missed Diagnoses: Mold-Related Illness appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    No one looks at quality quite the way Metagenics does. They devote the time and personnel to verify ingredient safety, ensure proper ingredient form/identity, and then test for purity and quality at multiple steps. This diligence may not change the way products look, but Metagenics knows it makes a measurable difference in the way their products perform. OmegaGenics DHA Children’s  features a concentrated, purified source of pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 fatty Read More

    The post July Sale: 20% Off Metagenics OmegaGenic Products appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    Last week I wrote about mold-related illness, yet another commonly overlooked diagnosis. It’s surprising how regularly mold issues fly under the radar of conventional physicians. When you consider how often homes and workplaces have a leaky roof, unless something smells moldy or we discover creeping black stains somewhere we often don’t think of mold. Moreover, because just 25% of us are genetically susceptible to mold Read More

    The post Treating Mold-Related Illness appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    Wednesday, August 16th 6pm – 7:30pm $60 (take home materials included) Instructor: WholeHealth Chicago’s Yoga Therapist Renee Zambo, RYT From getting to sleep to staying asleep, sleep disturbances plague many of us. Our brains and bodies require a complete cycle of thorough rest to properly detox and rejuvenate. This lack of full restoration prevents body functions from fully restoring, and leads to additional diseases. Many Read More

    The post Yoga Therapy for Sleep Disturbance appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    Saturday, August 26th at 11:00AM – 12:00PM There is no fee for this program WholeHealth Chicago 2265 North Clybourn Ave. 773-296-6700  This demonstration of Taoist Tai Chi® arts will give you an opportunity to learn more about this ancient path to good health of body and mind. Taoist Tai Chi® arts help to promote a healthy, balanced life style and a simple way to manage Read More

    The post Join us for a demonstration of Taoist Tai Chi® internal arts of health appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    The Basic Principles of Homeopathy Homeopathy is a whole medical system that originated in Europe and has been practiced in the United States since the early 19th century. Homeopathy is based on three principles: Likes Cure Likes  Homeopathy demonstrates that a substance that produces a certain set of symptoms in a healthy person can cure a sick person experiencing those same symptoms. Minimum Dose  Unlike Read More

    The post August Sale: 20% Off Hyland Homeopathic Products appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    Monday, August 7, 2017 10:30 am – 6:00 pm 30-Minute Sessions ~ $35.00 (regularly $50.00) By appointment only! Harness the power of nature. Connect with your inner wisdom. Take a journey to welcome back parts of you that have been left behind. Learn about the oldest form of spirituality and healing on the planet. Experience a shamanic healing session. Your individual session will include a Read More

    The post Shamanic Healing Clinic with Katie Oberlin, HTCP/I appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    If internet scare tactics from companies selling herbal supplements for parasites weren’t enough, the cable TV show “Monsters Inside Me” with its toe-curling film clips has cinched it. We’re in a new “Alien versus Predator” mode, though you might ask which one is us and which them. Those really large parasites you’ll see wriggling across your flat-screen Sony as you scream “I can’t watch this!” Read More

    The post Six Commonly Missed Diagnoses: Parasites appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    The high point in my medical education was a medical school semester at a hospital in Soho, the very heart of London’s swinging ‘60s. From an academic point of view, I don’t remember much except for one compelling lecture from a very British professor on making an accurate diagnosis. He began by saying doctors had become too dependent upon tests, x rays, and specialist referrals Read More

    The post Overlooked Diagnosis: The Most Common Cause appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    I’d been reading Ally Hilfiger’s new autobiography Bite Me: How Lyme Disease Stole My Childhood, Made Me Crazy, and Almost Killed Me, preferring the Lyme parts to those devoted to fashion and her MTV “Rich Girl” series. Her symptoms were typical of chronic Lyme and simply dreadful. Hilfiger’s very supportive family watched helplessly through hospitalizations and visits to dozens of specialists. As I read, it crossed Read More

    The post Invasion of the Body Snatchers! appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    Spoiler alert: I don’t own a smartphone. Also, I’ve been reluctant to write a Health Tip on smartphones lest two of my least desirable characteristics–smugness and self-righteousness– surface. But now a very well-conducted research study on how smartphones lead to cognitive decline compels me to warn you that if you value your brain, use your phone as little as possible. As a start, have you Read More

    The post Your Smartphone Is Stealing Your Brain appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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    Here are some well known people who have chronic Lyme disease: singer-songwriter-fashion designer Kelly Osbourne, TV star Ally Hilfiger (Tommy’s daughter), singer-songwriter Kris Kristofferson, punk singer Kathleen Hanna, Marisol Thomas (wife of Rob Thomas), Real Housewife Yolanda Hadid and supermodel Bella Hadid, as well as Alec Baldwin, Amy Tan, and Avril Lavigne. Each of the links above goes to an article in which the celebrity Read More

    The post Lyme Disease Fundraiser, Just When We Need It Most appeared first on WholeHealth Chicago.

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